Leiby and Sarah: Child Sexual Abuse - Validation and Recovery
Listen to a most moving and insightful conversation between Leiby, a survivor of child sexual abuse and Sarah, his OHEL therapist. Leiby, now an adult in his late twenties, shares his life story in this very candid, alarming, but also inspiring conversation.

Ruth and Hanna, Life After the Suicide of a Son
Listen to a most moving conversation between Ruth and Hanna, two devoted and loving mothers who lost their respective sons to suicide. They open their door and share their pain, the challenges, and their very important message confronting mental illness and stigma in the community.

Aviva and Michael, Dating As Older Singles
Listen to a revealing conversation between Aviva and Michael, two single friends looking to get married who are in their late thirties and early forties respectively. Together they share their collective and individual insights into the unique challenges of dating as elder singles. They reflect on their personal dating histories, family, peer and community pressure, issues of compatibility, personality, education, observance levels, gender differences and the role of the community.

Shira and Hindie Growing up Abused-by Parents
A troubling but inspiring conversation between Shira and Hindie. Shira is a mental health professional who herself was a victim of abuse. Abuse she suffered at the hands of her parents. This is the first time that Shira has shared her story with Hindie, a fellow mental health professional, in the hope she can help other victims of trauma.

Devorah and Yonatan: The Twenty-Something Divorcee & Remarriage
Listen to a conversation between Devorah and Yonatan, two friends who both divorced in their twenties. Now in their thirties, they share the difficulty that led to their respective decisions of divorce, their time adapting to single-hood, reevaluating their lives and their different pathways that led them to new-found happy marriages.

Avi and Yitzchak: Growing Up Second Generation Survivors
Listen to a conversation between Avi and Yitzchak - two friends who grew up as second generation Holocaust Survivors. Both now in their late fifties with children and grandchildren of their own, Avi and Yitzchak share together their upbringing experiences, some starkly identical, some not - and reflect upon how they believe the trauma of the Holocaust on their parents directly affected their own lives and that of their own children.

Jason and Mark Discuss Gambling and Help Receiving
Listen to a most revealing conversation between Jason and Mark, two individuals who are in recovery at a Jewish Gamblers Anonymous program. They share their very personal stories of gambling addiction, how with the financial pressures of today, it can happen to anyone, the impact of gambling on their families, and their respective decisions to finally reach out for professional help.

Batsheva and David, Dating and Mental Illness
Listen to an insightful conversation between Batsheva and David, two individuals with mental illness who are both looking to date and get married. They talk about their lives, their unique challenges, attitudes within the community and their hopes and dreams in finding their bashert, their soul mate.