What is a Podcast?
OHEL’s Listen for a Change is a groundbreaking audio project of OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services.

Personal Stories That Strengthen our Community
OHEL is building a library of eye-opening conversations between people in the community that focus on a gamut of life experiences, challenges and reflections. Conversations that change our perspectives, our understandings, and enrich our own lives through listening to the interesting life experiences of others.

Derek Saker, OHEL’s Director of Communications who leads the project comments "For many understandable reasons there has often been a reluctance by many in the community to share fascinating and personal life stories – stories that enrich the lives of individuals, families and the community. That is changing. Today more understand that sharing such stories, is a sign of strength and not weakness and that such enrich discourse only helps to strengthen the community.”

OHEL’s Listen for a Change has already recorded many fascinating conversation from individuals with mental illness who are dating to wives whose husbands are in jail for white collar crime. From never-married singles in their early forties, to adults in their fifties who have mid mid-life career changes.

How Does it Work?
The conversations recorded are always between two people. The two individuals may be friends, relatives, or someone they do not know, but are paired given a shared interest/life experience. Currently we are only making recording in the New York areas. OHEL will conduct a conversation with interested persons and determine the nature of conversation and who the conversation could be with.

Do You Have a Story To Share?
OHEL invites members of the community who wish to consider sharing a personal story or fascinating insights to contact the Listen for a Change Project Team below. Perhaps you know someone else with a fantastic story that you feel would be enriching to others. There may be something that you’ve always wanted to discuss with someone close to you. Or maybe you’d just like to celebrate happy moments in your life, or reflect on memories of a dearly departed friend. The opportunities of insightful conversation are endless. This project is about creating a safe and comfortable space for individuals in the community to have the conversation many always sought to have.

OHEL’s Listen for a Change has been inspired by both The Listening Project and StoryCorps. StoryCorps, was an initiative of over 35,000 conversations, was set up in the United States with a mission “to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives”. The BBC’s Listening Project is a partnership between BBC Radio 4, BBC local and national radio stations, and the British Library whose mission is to “capturing the nation in conversation.”

The Team and Contact Details

Derek Saker
Executive Producer, OHEL Director of Communications
718-686-3333 derek_saker@ohelfamily.org

Derek Saker is OHEL’s Director of Communications. Derek is very much an internationalist having lived and worked in South Africa, England, the U.S. and Israel. In fact it was the BBC’s Listening Project that was the seed for OHEL’s Listen for a Change. He was Co-Founder and Marketing Director at Frumster/JWed the most successful Jewish dating for marriage service.

Dr. Hindie M. Klein
Clinical Director, OHEL Director of Clinical Projects
718-686-3322 hindle_klein@ohelfamily.org

Dr. Hindie M. Klein is the Director of Clinical Projects at OHEL. She is the former Director of Tikvah at OHEL, OHEL’s New York State licensed out-patient mental health centers. Dr. Klein is a psychologist/psychoanalyst who maintains a private practice specializing in the treatment of children, adolescents, adults and couples.