Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services Provided On-site Counseling for Miami’s Surfside Community

July 02, 2021

NEW YORK, NY, July 2, 2021 – Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services’ trauma team flew down to Miami to offer counseling and support to families who are affected by the Surfside building collapse and the first responders who have been tirelessly working on rescue and recovery. 

Dr. Norman Blumenthal, who oversees Ohel’s Zachter Center for Family Trauma and Crisis Intervention, arrived with a team of trained specialists to aid those experiencing a state of uncertainty as recovery efforts continue. The team has extensive training and expertise in trauma care stemming from their long experience assisting communities cope with traumatic events, including the shooting at the kosher supermarket in Jersey City, NJ.

“We encourage individuals to ask for help during this difficult time, especially those who are already living with any mental health issue and experiencing increased symptoms from the event,” said Dr. Blumenthal.

Dr. Blumenthal and his team worked with families and their loved ones at the designated family center. They accompanied families to the building site and spent many hours together, which also included counseling sessions. The Ohel team has also led several briefing and counseling sessions for first responders, including Hatzolah. Ohel will continue to provide support as long as our services are needed.

“Despite the ongoing emotional turmoil, we witnessed tremendous communal goodwill and generosity with food, supplies and other provisions,” Dr. Blumenthal added. “Rescue workers, police, and community leaders continue to work tirelessly as they remain both sensitive and accommodating to individuals looking for answers and comfort during this tragic time.”

Should you or someone you know need help coping with this tragedy, please contact Ohel at Surfsidehelp@ohelfamily.org.

About Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services

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