2023 Teach Florida Member School Conference

On June 21, Ohel was well represented at the Teach Florida Annual Member School Conference that serves Florida's nonpublic schools and their parents, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of students, educators, and school staff.

Ohel presented two presentations during the conference. The first presentation, co-facilitated by Tamar Sheffey, (LCSW), and Resilience Programs Coordinator at Ohel Kestenbaum Family International Children’s Services Dr. Carly Namdar, (EdD, MS Ed CSP), "Navigating Crisis: Empowering Schools with Crisis Preparedness, Strategies, and Support," focused on crisis prevention and intervention. The second presentation, by Dr. Carly Namdar, "Raising Resilience in the Classroom," offered resilience-based methods for educators.

At Ohel’s conference table, our team shared samples of:

  • “I Feel That Way and That’s Okay” that aims to help children understand their emotions and how their emotions are experienced inside their bodies.
  • “The Middle School Anxiety Prevention Program,” which is a 9-lesson psycho-educational curriculum that is geared toward 6th grade students, as a preventative program to deal with the stress of the many transitions that occur during this period.
  • Ohel’s newest resource, which will be available this fall, “Inner Space: My Resilience Workbook” that provides children with the opportunity to identify their personal strengths and enhance their ability to understand and regulate their emotions.

Ohel provides several school-based programs, including programs that promote resilient classrooms and school communities; services for children who experienced traumatic incidents; and training for teachers and first responders in the aftermath of tragic events.

In addition, Ohel operates a Teacher Support Helpline that is a confidential space where educators and youth support professionals can get support and guidance. Under the supervision of Dr. Norman Blumenthal, the helpline is staffed by a team of experienced school psychologists and mental health professionals, available to provide free, confidential, one-on-one support, and links to professional help and resources as needed.

The Teach Florida Annual Member School Conference aims to share knowledge and best practices relating to Jewish day schools, while collaborating with colleagues and peers. This year’s conference featured the leadership of 43 schools, providing a great opportunity for Ohel to showcase its services.

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