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How Can I Have My Conversation Recorded by OHEL?
OHEL invites members of the community who wish to consider sharing a personal story or fascinating insights to contact the Listen for a Change Project Team below.

Perhaps you know someone else with an insightful or fantastic story that you feel would be enriching to others. There may be something that you’ve always wanted to discuss with someone close to you. Or maybe you’d just like to celebrate happy moments in your life, or reflect on memories of a dearly departed friend. The opportunities of insightful conversation are endless.

Please contact either:

Executive Producer
Derek Saker, OHEL Director of Communications

Clinical Director
Dr. Hindie Klein, OHEL Director of Clinical Projects

What kind of conversations form part of OHEL’s Listen for a Change? OHEL’s Listen for a Change has already recorded many fascinating conversation from individuals with mental illness who are dating to wives whose husbands are in jail for white collar crime. From never-married singles in their early forties, to adults in their fifties who have mid mid-life career changes. This project is about creating a safe and comfortable space for individuals in the community to have the conversation many always sought to have.

How Does it Work? The conversations recorded are always between two people. The two individuals may be friends, relatives, or someone they do not know, but are paired given a shared interest/life experience.

Currently we are only making recording in the New York areas. OHEL will conduct a conversation with interested persons and determine the nature of conversation and who the conversation could be with.