Through this new initiative,  OHEL aims to better educate the community about the impact of divorce, and the specific roles that the wider community, Rabbonim, community leaders, and educators can play to help ensure that both parents of divorce, and
children of divorce can thrive

Over the course of many months, OHEL interviewed more than 30 individuals from across the U.S. and Canada. These included divorcees, children of divorce, Rabbonim, community leaders, educators and leading mental health professionals. The full length film focuses on the key areas of 1) The Pain of Divorce, 2) The Consequence of a High Conflict Divorce, 3) The Intelligent Divorce, 4) The Role of Rabbonim, Educators & The Community.

Insightful help and steps which parents of divorce 
can utilize, and recommendations for children
that can nurture 
healthy relationships

Practical tools and advice to help ensure that children of
divorce can thrive and parents of divorce receive any
necessary support