View Sign of Strength: Confronting Anxiety in Our Community

Today, anxiety has become a significant mental health challenge among everyday children and adults. This in much part because we live in a more complicated and transformative world, with increasing demands and everyday challenges. Being human sometimes means being vulnerable. Knowing that as individuals we will sometimes get acutely anxious, that we will sometimes have major setbacks in life, is normal. And being able to face them, deal with them, and address them, is a sign of strength.

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Anxiety is a general term for a condition that includes excessive worrying, nervousness, fear and uneasiness. Anxiety can affect how we feel and behave. Sometimes when one is highly anxious, there can be manifestations of real physical symptoms.

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Depression is a common but serious mental health issue that can affect the body, mood, and thoughts. Depressive disorders are not the same as passing feelings of sadness, the blues or a sign of personal weakness.

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