November 24, 2021

New York, NY - November 23, 2021 – Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer made a welcome appearance at Ohel’s 52nd Annual Gala on Sunday, November 21st.  

David Mandel, Ohel’s CEO, introduced Senator Schumer saying, “Ohel is 52 years old and the relationship with Senator Schumer spans more than four decades. He supported Ohel in many different ways including 20 years ago when we opened our shelters for battered women and children, Senator Schumer gave us a very supportive grant.”

Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic put many communities at risk of losing valuable nonprofit programs and services. Ohel appreciates the efforts of Senate Majority Leader Schumer to pass the American Rescue Plan legislation, which ensured that nonprofits of all sizes qualified for the Payroll Protection Program (PPP).  

Addressing the Gala crowd, Senator Schumer said, “The PPP Program was designed for small businesses. I said nonprofits of all sizes had to get that money.  I made sure they did and Ohel got that PPP money.”

Securing the proper amount of PPP was an essential component of COVID-19 planning that allowed Ohel to continue to deliver its vital services to the thousands that rely on Ohel for an array of social, emotional, and mental health services.  This continuity of services alleviated the pain of countless families in communities throughout New York City and Long Island. 

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